Monday, 2 November 2009


I knocked up this quick sequence half way through last week but YouTube was being annoying and didn't want to upload it for some reason.
Then when I finally got it uploaded the music I slapped over the top and edited into YouTube decided to disable due to copyright infringements!
I tried to re upload but it wouldn’t work due to being a duplication...

So I used YouTube’s audio replacer thing...
Which is fairly rubbish as well...
And ontop of that the nice widescreen which I made it in has been masacred by an evil black boarder...

Then started model the city from my illustrations beginning with the first picture i digitally painted made up first, then the next view of the city in the background almost obscured from view as it's a lower shot

However I've only put in buildings that are visible in shot (or in picture) cropping the buildings to just what's shown so I can line the whole piece up and make sure all the buildings are in proportion to one another. Lining everything up in the scene's depth wise is proving really time consuming and due to the perspectives in each of the drawings being different the camera doesn't line up exactly but I got it as close as I could. I just want to get on and have it all roughed out so I can start making the rest of the city :)

So here's the first picture roughed out in Maya
(You can also just about see the other scene in the back left corner)

Resized JPEG graphic

The second

Resized JPEG graphic

And a little overview so far

Resized JPEG graphic


tutorphil said...

Dear James,

Just a quick word in your ear re. the continual use of the word 'gay' to mean something rubbish; as a gay man myself, I personally don't find it offensive in the slightest, but your blog is public-facing and will one day promote you, and maybe not all your clients will be as non-politically correct as I... can I suggest therefore that you drop the term as a derogatory and think about the bigger picture - re. the 'proffessional world' in which you're never going to know who you're dealing with, so some sensitivity regarding issues of diversity might be a step in the right direction... :-)

JAG said...

My appologies :)
I hadn't thought about anyone other that the rest of the rabble on the course browsing it really tbh
But good point, I should really pro it up a bit :P
Cheers for the heads up ;)