Thursday, 15 July 2010


Here's a few little re-edits I've been working on for my major and minor project and I also went throught put together another show reel to!

Showreel 2010

A Sound of Thunder

Elder City

(These clips are the most recent up to date versions of each of the above)

Thanks for watching

Monday, 14 June 2010

Oh dear...

Went in for a bit of a briefing on new designers, then went for a nice leisurely skate over Jacksons field skate park with Jonny, with the intension of coming back to do a bit more work after an hour or so of rolling.
Top souled half way down the down rail on the flatbank in the corner, tried it again.
Locked in the topsoul then my soul foot slipped out my legs spilt the rail I put my hands down as I fell and I popped my right arm out of its socked...

Thankfully I was fully kitted in wrist guards, shin pads and knee pads so everywhere else on me is fine, but my arm was like indented like in towards my ribs about an inch...

Got 2 go for a ride in an ambulance to and they gave me these drugs that made me feel well heady and sound like a some kind of giant on drugs it made my voice go like the opposite to what helium does so it was well deep n crazy.
Got an x-ray and nothing was broken but my arm felt like hell at that point then they dosed me up on morphine knocked me out and I woke up with my arm back where it should be!

My brother is studying to be an osteopath and he says: 'The head of the humerous is most likely to dislocate in the anterior direction due to the foramen of weitbrech which is a gap between the middle and anterior bands of the glenohumeral ligament. Therefore the rotator cuff muscles which should be strengthened to insure stability.'
In other words I broke myself....
Hence not coming back to uni earlier...
But hopefully I should be all sorted and better soon I'll still be coming in on Wednesday to as my bro's going to drop me in, but he's picking up a new car tomorrow so as long as he manages to pick up his car I can get in!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Its all over

I didn't end up getting my showreel done for the hand in, well copied onto the disk that I handed in but here's my final edit and a quick showreel i knocked up before handed in never the less.


A sound of thunder

2010 Showreel

Monday, 17 May 2010

I hate render time....

Right well I've just got into uni and over the weekend my works been rendering out on 3 PC's and all they've managed to render out in about a 3rd of my time machine scene...
Which is only 750 frames...
I'm a bit stumped.
As well as feeling a bit down and so unbelievably fed up now.

I managed to get the particles for the scene all rendered out at home but now this has gone down the pan, I'm not really sure what to do?
I've already stripped out resolution from the textures, turned off final gather and lowered everything as much as I know to do to speed up the render without destroying the quality and making it look rubbish.

My jungles ready to render on the upside but I still feel like it's not as good as I wanted it to be if I'm honest.
Never the less it's better to have something to show for my efforts than nothing at all, so I'm going to set that rendering in a minute and head home to get on with finishing off my Time Square scene.

@ Alan -
I'll be in tomorrow morning, I think I'm going to need you to have a little look through my scene files to see if you can help tweak them a bit for me.
As my knowledge of what to do has hit an end.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Rendering begins

I set up some renders over the weekend at uni, to render out my time machine that is.

I set some up Thursday night but came into to find problems as seems to always be the way with my work when it comes to render time...
Anyway I ended up spending nearly all of Friday tweaking and altering render settings to try and get a good enough render that I was happy with.

I've never really understood render settings overly loads to be honest and it felt a little trial and error which I feel I've never really had as it's been get the render done and I haven't had the time to play around and tweak before. One thing I did find out which was fairly obvious anyway but still shocked me a fair bit is how much longer final gather adds to render time!

It shoots it up so much!

Anyway in my effort to speed up the render over the weekend I decided to take out all the wires in my scene, and instead render them out separately on my home computer then composite the 2 layers later in after effects.
I was thinking this would be simple and easy, however upon assigning a black shader and turning off all the secularity etc (to give me an alpha to work with when compositing with the main render) I found that the render settings I was using for my main scene were pushing the render time up hugely just for a render of a few little wires, and after trying a number of different render settings in mental ray the scene still seemed to be taking ages.
I'm guessing was due to the high poly count of the scene, even with the objects all blacked out. So I made the decision to render the wires out in software render to speed things up a little.
However I went off to work yesterday and after about 2 hours of rendering my piece got to frame 177 out of 750 and just stopped rendering...
The render settings were set to go to frame 750, however it just wouldn't render...

Upon getting home from work about 15 hours later, I realised this and then started rendering again from the frame that died on me so to speak. Troughout the night maya kept just stopping at random intervals throughout rendering which in some cases prompted my fan to go mental waking me up to check everything was running, to find it wasn't and restart the render.

But after a night of stopping, starting, rendering, sleeping and not sleeping I woke up this morning and set the final part of the render going, and it's now finished!

Ideally I wanted to get the dynamics in the scene rendered out overnight last night and just finish off with final tweaks for my jungle today, but my render problems have thrown a spanner in the works as such. So I'm going to leave my dynamics until tomorrow as I'll set them rendering at home when I head to uni to check out my main renders.

To keep myself on schedule though I'm going to get my jungle sorted today so I can set it rendering tomorrow at uni if my time machine scene has been good and rendered itself out over the weekend that is...
Anyway that's me for today I'll get on with some work now.

But here's a few renders of my time machine while I was texturing it and one from when I was tweaking the render settings and stripped out final gather, I would post up the duff renders it did over thurdays night but I've left them on the uni computors...

Resized JPEG graphic

Resized JPEG graphic

Resized JPEG graphic

Resized JPEG graphic

Resized JPEG graphic

Resized JPEG graphic

Resized JPEG graphic

Resized JPEG graphic

And this one is rather dark, but this is when I stripped final gather out. So the final renders should look somewhere between this and the above render.

Resized JPEG graphic

Thanks for reading

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Time to machine out the rest!

Just finished my time machine scene!

I pulled an all-nighter last night and I've worked solidly on it since about 12 last night, I also added in a few more random wires to make it look a little more hectic.

I encountered a massive problem with it though, while I was texturing it I was texturing it with 2k textures so I could use the resolution if I needed it then reduce them down and towards the end of the texturing it was getting a bit ridiculous render time wise. Where half my scene is pretty much made out of duplicates my pc was having trouble rendering it with just the original models I textured in it.

So I dread to think what it will be like now...

Half the model was rendering out at about 4-6 minutes after I went and ripped most of the resolution out of the render with only half of it...

I'm rendering a frame now though, so we'll just have to wait and see!

So tomorrow I'm going to go back and attack my jungle then hopefully have it ready for Friday evening to try and start it rendering, but if it's too tight I'll start rendering the jungle Monday morning, as I have managed to make up a day by working through last night, although tomorrow will blatantly suffer for it.

So tomorrows plans include adding a little butterfly into the jungle environment, rip apart all my textures and get them down at as low res as possible then finish tweaking my lighting and match the background to it!
So lots on my plate...

May pull another all-nighter tomorrow if I can manage it and try and have my jungle done by Friday morning.

I think I'm starting to repeat myself and I'm starting to waffle on a bit, so that's time for bed!

...before my eyes melt out of my head from staring at this damn screen for too long much...

I wanted to have a nice render to post up here at the end but the render I was doing when I started writing this is still going....

@ Alan - I might have to have to get u to take a look at my scene, see if there's any way to speed up the rendering process, if you're about tomorrow.

Thanks for reading :)

Monday, 10 May 2010


More stuff thrown into the mix

Resized JPEG graphic

Resized JPEG graphic

Resized JPEG graphic

Resized JPEG graphic

Resized JPEG graphic

Resized JPEG graphic

Resized JPEG graphic

Just sorting the overhead canopy at the moment then onto dropping in highlights as Alan suggested then sync the background up a little more as the trees in the background are to light. Then just add finishing touches and render, so I'm planning to have it renderable by Wednesday morning.

Also treaked the header to try make it look a little more pro :)

Think my keyboards running low on battery to as it doesn't seem to want to work properly, either that or the constant use is destroying it :(