Monday, 17 May 2010

I hate render time....

Right well I've just got into uni and over the weekend my works been rendering out on 3 PC's and all they've managed to render out in about a 3rd of my time machine scene...
Which is only 750 frames...
I'm a bit stumped.
As well as feeling a bit down and so unbelievably fed up now.

I managed to get the particles for the scene all rendered out at home but now this has gone down the pan, I'm not really sure what to do?
I've already stripped out resolution from the textures, turned off final gather and lowered everything as much as I know to do to speed up the render without destroying the quality and making it look rubbish.

My jungles ready to render on the upside but I still feel like it's not as good as I wanted it to be if I'm honest.
Never the less it's better to have something to show for my efforts than nothing at all, so I'm going to set that rendering in a minute and head home to get on with finishing off my Time Square scene.

@ Alan -
I'll be in tomorrow morning, I think I'm going to need you to have a little look through my scene files to see if you can help tweak them a bit for me.
As my knowledge of what to do has hit an end.

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Jon Stewart said...

Jamesey baby! I just found this :

Drop down menu of texture sets, loads of Jungle ones. It's way to late now I expect, but if you've not rendered you might be able to slap a few more textures in there! G'wan, you know you want too!