Monday, 2 November 2009

Subquest time.... Playing with this blog

I'm fed up with the crap layout of this so I've decided to try play with html to make my blog more professional and stuff
So this post will probably keep changing where i play with it

Ok subquest well not over as I'm far from finished as I've linked all my photos as thumbnails, so they appear small and you can click on them to bring up a full view.
However at the moment that is somewhat restricted by the fact that i used photobucked to resize all the pictures so they fitted how my blog used to look. So the enlargement form clicking the pictures is nothing monstrous just back to the size they were before I decided to thumbnail it up.
I’ve not finished going back through all my research posts and turning them into thumbnails yet and eventually I plan to go through and do the entire blog but that will be much effort so stuff it for now. :)

So hope you like the new look ;)


tutorphil said...

Dear James,

For some reason - even though I've been following your blog for ages - I never get any updates, so I keep feeling as if I'm neglecting you; you've got comment moderation enabled? Maybe that's why you're not showing up? Could you check your blog settings and see if you've got any box ticked that might prohibit my update mechanism?

Yes - the look of your blog is MUCH improved! It looks a million times better!

I've suggested my first year - who are currently doing their concept art project (from an existing literary text) - go check out your blog, so you might very soon get a rash of new followers and interested comments! :-)

JAG said...

Hey Phil :)
I've gone through and looked to see if theirs anything that could be knocking ur updates but cant see anything so I just turned all comment moderation and stuff off
(Not sure wether that will make a difference but its worth a try)

N yeah my blog used to look a bit on the crap side
I think id screwed some of the html up on it or something but I just reset it all and started from scratch again :)

I like the idea of loads of 1st years swamping me, make some new friends and check out some nice CG work :)

Also I went n check out a load of last years 3rd years work after seeing Matts Jabberwoki stuff i though it would be worth a browse as the pc next to your office was logged on with them on the desktop so i had a little route through as i was waiting for Alan :)

Let me know wether the updates are getting to you ;)

tutorphil said...

Hey James,

You might want to check out the link below... :-)

Jon Stewart said...

Nice layout James. It's a lot easier on the eyes now. You are aware there are set layouts you can choose already without even having to delve into HTML? Mine is just a basic layout wherein I have changed the colours to how I want them to be (to suit the banner I made) and all the images get scaled down instantly too. Might be worth checking out matey.

JAG said...

Thats what I did this time round :P
Im not quite sure how I managed to screw it up but happened somewhere along the line :s
Altho it didnt sort scale the pics cz there all on photobucket as blogger seemed to take way to long to upload them so i scaled them using some html cde i found :P
Nevermind tho sorted now :)