Monday, 9 November 2009

Neolithic Next Step

I can’t get over how long this is taking
Laying out the brickwork on this piece took hours and hours but the results pretty wikid, if I do say so myself :)

Also I’ve been looking into different types of architecture for various periods and stuff and I feel the with the description of the city and other elements I’ve picked up in the text I feel a Neolithic architecture styling would best suit the city

The time period in question which is around 7000BC is the nearest time period to when the ‘elder ones’ city was supposed to be build. Also as with most things impressive, stuff tends to be copied/mimicked etc therefore the earliest architecture known to man would fit nicely in being in a similar style but on a far less extravagant scale.

While searching for relevant types of Architecture I came across Angkor Wat in Cambodia which ironically I’d seen briefly in the documentary that spurred on this project to begin with. It’s not from the Neolithic period
Anyway the reason I bring it up is the fact it’s so overtaken by nature and I find that to have a real ‘Oooo’ factor and I want to capture that in the ‘Old ones’ city something nature has ravaged yet it has stood the test of time.
Talking of standing the test of time ‘Ta Prohm’ a temple at Angkor that was the most influential (and in the pictures) I actually read it was rebuilt...
At first I thought OMG why would you do that as a ruin is a ruin but it does make sense + they build it with the trees that destroyed it etc growing through it which is kool :)
Then another temple in Cambodia I stumbled across was the Bayon Temple which had a similar feel to it.
Anyway couple of inspiration type pictures:
This is what I want to aim for the city looking like well obviously with more buildings tho but style wise... with a few windows to...

Resized JPEG graphic

Style wise i quite liked this as well its slightly more monolithic but I’m thinking about possibly incorporating this in with the first small slabbed style but we’ll see as I don’t want to make the ‘old ones’ city see like it was built by monkeys so it needs to possibly have more of a formal organised look about it as they were an Alien race that came from another planet thus being clever enough to travel to Earth...

Resized JPEG graphic

This is the Ta Prohm temple at Angkor which has that certain ‘Oooo’ factor :)

Resized JPEG graphic

And last but not least the Bayon Temple also in Angkor
I really like that way the huge towers in the distance look like blocks have just fallen off the sides of them and they way it just looks so dark and imposing like some kind of apocalyptic ancient ruin

Resized JPEG graphic

Anyway here’s the goods:

Resized JPEG graphic

Resized JPEG graphic

Resized JPEG graphic

Resized JPEG graphic

Resized JPEG graphic

Resized JPEG graphic

Hope you like and give me some feedback to :)


Jon Stewart said...

You went through and read all my blog posts? What a crazy dude, thanks man.

Your concepts/digital painting is really coming along now. Keep pushing them man, will really help you in the long run.

Anonymous said...

its coming along really well, looks wicked :P

tutorphil said...

Hi James,

This is beginning to feel nicely textural and rich - bit confused by hefty post re. ancient aliens etc. I think you probably need to create a schedule post, wherein you carve up the time remaining to you into clear chunks of activity; you should also restate the aims of your minor project, both in terms of presenting the project development in a suitably professional way, and, importantly, what your 'final piece' will constitute - what are your goals/outcomes and what is your timetable for their completion?

JAG said...

The mass alien post was just something to prety much change the architecture to a bit more kind of megalithic with huge blocks that seem impossible to move other than for some advanced alien race, but I got a bit carried away with it. But its causing me to go back over the digital paintings and alter them a bit more.

I'll knock up a schedule post after I've got my essay draft in as it seems to be sapping my time and i want to get it out of the way to focus on the project a bit more.

Also with regards to work stating my aims and things I intend to create myself a minor porject blog as u advised me once I've got all the digial painted sorted.

Then have a run though of my workflow on their and change it into a bit more of a professional blog cutting out all my research and majorly reducing the text so my work can speak for itself if u know what i mean :)