Friday, 13 November 2009

Will we live to see the Annunaki return to Tiamat?

This title will not make a lot of sense to many people but I challenge you to spend some time watch, read and learn as this post is a huge eye opener to Civilization as we know it.

(This took me hours to compile all this stuff which I suppose in a way has made me go off course in relation to actually getting work done and pumping out Digital paintings or anything near Maya, but i feel enlightened and better off for it. Despite the fact my grade probably wont...)

Ok so I’ve been working a bit on my essay and I thought I’d spend the end part of the day having a bit of a relax...

So I went to the cinema and watched the new Milla Jovovich film ‘The forth kind’ and it’s got me back onto this project and neglecting my dissertation a little more.

(I won't spoil the film don't worry)
The film tells of a woman whose husband she believes to have been murdered by aliens in bed right next to her. She couldn’t do anything to stop it and it was over as quickly as it began.

The film follows her (Abbey Tyler) as she tries to continue her and her late husband’s research into the strange phenomena going on in the town where they live through her position as a psychologist which leads her to some disturbing sessions with her patients.

The film is a combination of real video and audio footage which Tyler collected herself and shot footage created to portray the happenings of the story. It is about her struggle to come to terms with her husband’s death as well as her theories of the town being plagued by alien abductions upon its residents who have only very vague recollections of the happening, which then come out in full while under hypnosis.

Anyway go and watch it if you haven’t already as it’s worth a watch in my opinion although I’m highly sceptical of whether the footage was real or hoaxed (but hoaxed would make me feel better and sleep better in fact, if it wasn't 4.30 in the morning already...)

So after watching this film which gave me links to alien life and a highly evolved civilization living on Earth being described back around 6000BC in the time of the Sumerian civilization.

So it turns out my research, to go back to when time and civilization began was a touch off. I'd settled on Neolithic as oppose to Sumerian but I've ended up here anyway so no big deal.
Anyway I went and looked into this highly advanced Sumerian civilization and here’s what I found:

A lecture by Jason Martell on YouTube quickly got me up to speed so I thought I’d post up a link as again its well worth a little watch

And If you don’t want to watch them;
Firstly shame on you its rather enlightening and will do you good, Secondly here’s a bit of light reading to get you roughly up to speed on some of the points he makes:

Sumeria is also known as Babylon or Mesopotamia and is actually modern day Afganistan

Megalithic structure such as Stonehenge are also known as ‘Trilithon stones’ and as can be seen in the video can be huge which dwarf Stonehenge despite it being the most famous and recognisable megalithic structure.

Sumerian is the first known language on the planet as well as the having the first form of writing known as Cuneiform with an alphabet of 400 odd characters

Archaeological references point to a god like race called the Annunaki (which means ‘gods that lived among them’) and tells that the Annunaki came to Earth and shared their knowledge with the Sumerian’s

Many parts of well known religion for many cultures stem back to Sumerian roots such as Noah’s ark and the great flood as well as the 7 days of creation

Symbology plays a part in the Sumerian art and depictions of the Annunaki with references to wings meaning they had the Annunaki had the power of flight.

Similar to the way in which Neil Armstrong’s first words on the moon were ‘The eagle has landed’ the shuttle was not an eagle but it was merely a representation of flight.

The Sumerians also knew sun was centre of universe and tables and other artworks depict the 9 planets we know today including ‘Tiamat’ which we now know as Earth, as well as the sun, our moon. They also knew their appearance from space as well as their size’s and distances apart which modern day man has only known in the last hundred or so years. However the Annunaki also depict a tenth planet...

Also known as Planet X (X for 10 as well as unknown)

Nibiru is believed to be home to the Annunaki.

The Annunaki called earth ‘Kei’ (No idea who it should be spelt) which means 7. The 7th planet in solar system, which shows the Annunaki came from the outer edge of our solar system as oppose to the way we know Earth as the ‘third rock from the sun’

The sybology of also plays a part in modern day society such as the, 7 days of creation mentioned earlier but the Sumerians had their own 7 tablets of creation which far predate the 7 days of creation referenced in the bible also another little one which is inescapable is our 7 days in a week

Sumerian art also depicts that Nibiru was closer at the time of Sumerians and depicted it as a cross (which we now know as a religious Christian symbol) however the Sumerians would not of seen a big cross in the sky as this is more representation they would have actually seen a big red glowing planet being Nibiru

Pangaea thought to be Earths single land mass before the continents divided is also have thought to have been split by one of Nibiru’s moons striking Earth on its rotation and destroying half the planet as it went, which is also speculated to have created the asteroid belt and changed Nibiru’s orbit around the sun to being a 3,600 year rotation of the sun, as well as destroying half the planet and which caused the water on Earth to redistributed and continents slowly followed.

Also a calculation worked out estimated that Nibiru has passed Earth 1.35 million times in its previous orbits and so it is unlikely to bring about the Apocalypse and destroy Earth in 2012.
(Unless of course the end of the world is caused by the Annunaki themselves which will evidently be down to Bush or some other world leader like that declaring war on them and dooming us all. But that’s just me sharing my views)

There is also a theory know as the Orpheus theory which says that our moon was created by a rouge planet smashing into Earth and the dust and planet fragments slowly merging to make our moon

And if you can’t be bothered with the above here’s a few key points as well:

Entwined snakes symbol for science possibly genetic DNA sequence entwined
Structures that appear to be similar in for to the pyramids as well as a distinctive face like sculpture looking down at Earth from Mars mimicking the pyramids in Egypt as well as lines on Mars’ surface similar to the Nazca lines in Puru

This is quite interesting just for the fact it shows beings other than humans in such quantities and spread so far over the world in such ancient times i thought it deserves a place on here

These are a few names of fairly well known experts in regards to Sumerian/ Annunaki
[url=]Jason Martell’s Website[/url]
Zakarias Sichon – Spent his life studying Sumerian culture and the Annunaki
Erich Von Daniken - First controversial theory of aliens coming to earth to enable great ancient monuments to be built
I’m also just watching a Google video on Afghanistan as when Bush and Blair invaded they didn’t give troupes orders to protect the Afghanistan national museum and subsequently it was raided for its thousands of priceless Sumerian artefacts which are not just Afghanistan’s links to the past but all mankind’s in my own opinion as I’ve been led to believe through all this research I’ve been doing into it.
So if it’s worth a look I’ll post that up as well.

Also I’ve decided to go big on the blocks of the city and take this project down an Annunaki route now, as Lovecraft’s story of the ‘old ones’ descending from the stars may just be a story, but if we are genetically a engineered creation of an Alien race then it’s highly likely that we may have not yet discovered their central city on our planet. So if it’s to be a believable place then I think I’ll go as factual as possible even though it is only a story.
But who knows Lovecraft’s ideas came to him in dreams, who’s to say those dreams weren’t the Annunaki abducting him as giving him visions of something real...

This has been giving me goose bumps writing this/researching this for the last god knows how many hours...

Although my faith in religion has shattered subsequently, but then again it has provided me with a certain faith with modern religious texts being based upon an alien race does that mean the likes of the Bible and the Qur'an etc are false idols or is it more like Chinese wispers as they're clearly underlined by some other far more ancient documentation from the Sumerians.
With that if we are not alone who’s to say that ‘big brother’ isn’t just watching out for us making sure no harm comes to us from outside intruders as they watch up evolve as they once did.
As God or any god for that matter has been believed to be watching over his or her people in the past?
Maybe we have merely been misguided and if the Annunaki gods show themselves to us people would see them as god's still or an invading force that must to fought or run from in fear?
We won't know until that time comes...


Alison said...

Lordy, I feel so enlightened my head is about to explode. You did really well looking into this and explained the concepts beautifully. After I get over my shame I will come back and look through the videos.

JAG said...

Yeah I think I went a bit over the top on it tbh
But it was good fun :P
I didn't sleep to well last night though when I eventually went to bed at about 5...
Every little creak and slight noise had me freaked :s

Jon Stewart said...

I researched this stuff, combined with 2012 and Planet X extensively. Got scared and freaked for quite a bit, but eventually you have to realise, what ever happens happens, you can't stop it so fuck it, get on with life.

JAG said...

Agreed mate
Just had a prety in depth descusion with Pol about it all and it's more just interesting as for all we know their already amoung us and we'd never know as if they can travel through solar systems their bound to well surpass us in terms of intelligence and understanding, so why would they even bother with us unless they just wanted to study as as a young species in the mid level of evolution or something and with that whose to say they havn't been just watching us observing since they were supposedly amoungst us in 6000BC watching us like some crazy reality TV show :P