Sunday, 11 October 2009

Getting it in Perspective

I've done a few more little thumb nails and started out getting the perspective of the image right so it’s able to sync up with the Maya model when I get in there and start making it as if the perspectives out the overlay of drawing over Maya etc won’t work so well.

So anyway here's a couple more thumbnails I drew up:

Resized JPEG graphic

Then I went into Maya to try and find a film gate that I could sync with my drawing so I wouldn't need to crop the life out of a picture or render at a later stage. I found one called 70mm projection and it was spot on so using a bit of 'Print Screen' I transferred the sizing into Photoshop and scaled it up a bit. Next I took my thumbnail and overlaid it on my template:

Resized JPEG graphic

The next step was aligning the perspective which took me a few attempts due to the fact I accidently kept unlocking my thumbnail layer and working on that...

Resized JPEG graphic

Drawing a straight line has never really seemed like something I thought id struggle with when drawing but I’ve found its actually a lot harder than I thought... It might have something to do with my tablet being 8x5.6in and my PC screen being a wide screen TV of 16x10in which works out with my TV having a ratio of 8:5, which makes it 0.6 out in the height and despite it only being a little out trying to draw with it is quite strange hand eye coordination wise... Which probably has something to do with my inability to draw straight lines...? I want to draw the image by hand (Be it digitally or on paper) to give me a piece which captures the energy of the drawing like Fung's stuff as oppose to more of an architect style approach which looks like every measurement has been calculated by using math or something...


tutorphil said...

Hi James - I've left a message with Matthew Fletcher (the former student who did the jabberwocky compositing stuff), and sent him your blog address; below is a link to his website; you might want to drop him a line yourself and say hi...

JAG said...

Kool cheers Phil
I'll check it out in a bit and have a little chat with Fletch to

Just came on here to check up on how everyone else was doing as I've spent most of this week getting on top of my dissertation after neglecting it a last week to get my head round this project
So I'll attack it some more tomorrow and upload another post once I've got a nice little chunch of work to show from my efforts :)
Cya tomorrow ;)