Sunday, 17 May 2009

Transcription - Desimation

Ok so I haven’t updated this in a while,

I’ve had a bit of a personal life melt down which has screwed me up and lost me valuable time on this project... which sucked and all but I can’t dwell on it forever and have been pulling myself out of a hole, but I’ve now sorted myself out and am back on track.

Or I was until my PC started dying on me...
The I discovered I had a Trojan virus...
My virus projection software couldn't kill the bastard so i was forced to format my computor and reinstall everything all over again....

More time wasted.

I’ve been working on the project in terms going from a design point of view on the book as the trailer was just something to make the project an animation some after some necessary refinements have taken place in term of the idea.

I’ve now gone through and modelled up the 4 main components which I’ve designed; the tauran, the human in the fighting suit, a space ship and so far a tree which I’ll be creating and alien jungle from.

I’m currently laying out UV’s for the lot as after laying out the UV’s for the human character followed by texturing him, I decided it’s best to get the UV layout process done and out the way first so I’m going to hold out on texturing until that part is done almost like doing the project in logical stages.

Therefore now for my final piece I will be aiming to present the designed aspects of the Peace and War book as described/expanded upon by myself, and end with a drawing through realisation to wireframe to full CG model and link this into a small animation.

However I’ve just lost a bit of a chunch of work... Which in all honest has just lost me a load more time and I now feel like such an idiot! While laying out the UV’s etc for my tree I somehow, a couple of nights ago managed to save over my final Tauran character which I'd only just got all the UV's laid out for a day earlier and due to not realising I backed up what I’d done on my hard drive. Which means I dont have my final Tauran alien anymore... So I’ve now got to go through and remodel a load of him...

I can’t believe how stupid I’ve been, I’m almost done with texturing then i go and set myself back about 2 days work when in all honest I’m struggling enough to hit this deadline as it is...

I woke up this morning thinking if I’m lucky I can get this all done and textured then start making up my jungle and rendering... Now there’s no way I’m going to be able to do it...

So I'm giving myself a brake for it to update my blog
Here’s what I’ve got so far though:

*Click on the pictures to see the rest of them as blogger has cropped the right sides off them*




Then this is what the Tauran now looks like :(

Might not look that bad but its lost a tone of detail in the upper body, the legs and pelvis are relativly the same but the UV's are now no longer laid out so I need to redo that as well :(

I hate myself right now...


Liam Scarlino said...

Keep at it man, it's looking amazing, really is!

tutorphil said...

Hey James,

Shit happens sometimes - don't beat yourself up too terminally; I think we've all experienced creative episodes we'd rather forget; it is better to have this inevitable experience now, than in the third year, right? As I said to Dan Sperrin, you need to organise your content into its most positive manifestation; make the most of what you have and keep the self-flagellation to a minimum; accentuate what you've learned, as opposed to what went wrong and try not to worry yourself to death; it is not a firing squad on thursday after all; you've had a lot on your plate of late, and something has to give; put it down to experience and move on :-)