Monday, 18 May 2009

Transcription - Its all about the journey, Live, Learn and Drive a Glanza :)

You know when ur so pissed off and frustrated and something slips n you just stop caring about everything, thats the stage I've reached now.
But I'm in quite a happy mood :)

Lets recap...

Break up with girlfriend of 3 years and find out a whole load of stuff which nearly destroys you mentally
= Recover from it a bit

Computor get a Trojan horse virus
= Format computor

Accidently overwrite 2 days worth of solid work with another file
= Get it back up to date in a day

Knock an entire glass of Koppaburg pear cider over keyboard, which causes keyboard to die
= Got to PC world and buy a new 1

Get home to realise that keyboard is not compatable with desire PC
= Go back to PC world and exchange it for a more expensive one that does
(Have 2 baby fox's run out infront of new car on motorway slip road, slam on breaks and nearly cause accident)

Get home and start working again

I thought nothing else could bloody go wrong!
Oh well I'll traul on :P

Heres what Iv done so far over the course of the day + a bit of time before i drowned my keyboard,

Green Machine, High vis' fighting suit :P

Taurens back :)

Tree, Soon to be forest

Also got a 60 on my disertation synopsis which im happy about

I've kinda stopped caring about this project now and im just enjoying playing on maya :)

Next stop texturing my space ship then texture my forest a bit then errr give mental ray some love :P


tutorphil said...

pear cider - really? Does sound though that you might need to think about creating a division between your work space and your 'leisure' space? Doh! and also 'Yuck'

tutorphil said...

Hi - you should have got a text from us today informing you that Thursday's transcription crit has been canceled and that you are to hand in your work to the baseroom before 5pm on Friday 22nd; this is because a number of students have fallen foul to the ongoing Maya problems at the uni, and creating this extra time is the fairest way to support them (and everyone else); I trust this is good news for everyone, as it means you have an additional day (and night) to finesse those areas of the project that would otherwise not be ready in time for thursday; use the time wisely, and I look forward to seeing you on Friday. See you soon, Phil