Monday, 2 March 2009

Transcription - Discription (Continued)

Just a little more update on areas of design I’m potentially going to be attacking

-What Earth would have looked like unspoilt by man
-Virgin forests, white beaches, pristine deserts
-Lush jungles, meadows, mountains, polar waste and desert
-Cities blended into the landscape
A few cities on heaven:
Oceanus - City built into a coral reef
Skye - Floating city
Threshold - Jungle city
¾ hospital
All that’s visible from the air is a small white runway dwarfed by rainforest
Ocean dominating horizon
Under tree line the city is evident
Low buildings of natural materials such as stone and wood nestled amongst 3metre thick trees.
Buildings connected with stone paths and underground subway system
Unobtrusive on nature
City 200km square

Fighting Suits:
-White letters stencilled on the helmet
-Rigid mans shaped calm
-Camouflage control on left to change camouflage setting.
-Square protuberances/exhaust fins on the back
-Finger lasers

Sade 138:
-25 gigawatt anti-spacecraft lasers in a 1km parameter around the base
- Monotone landscape
-Granular chunks of frozen gas
-Mine field surrounding the lasers with a 5 km radius
-Stasis field (Grey energy dome, strips all colour from vision while inside, energy weapons won’t work inside or penetrate the outside)
-Small cruiser inside as well as primitive weaponry for use inside.

Space ships:
-Musaruk II (star cruiser)
-Tachyondrive fighters - 6
-Robot drones -50
-Transport ship -1
-Tauran cruiser -2
-Tauran fighters - unknown
-Tauran drones -15+
Tauran transport ships -2

Ok so that’s a little insight into the potential breakdown so I’m gonna get with the drawing and see what I can come up with now as you can see from the description some of it is fairly vague which means I have to attack it in terms of design.

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