Thursday, 26 February 2009

Transcription - Discription

I’ve just had my crit on the Models and Metaphors project and I've come away pretty unhappy I was watching the movie on the pc screen while everyone was watching it on the big screen the quality didn't look that amazing on the screen as the brightness was wacked up, on top of that I was having the realisation that it doesn’t really make me think 'wow!'

Despite the fact I've spent as much time on it as possible while reading my book.
I really find balancing 2 projects especially having to work as well it was just the one project one at a time like last year it would be so much more productive in terms of what I could produce I think.

Anyway I didn’t come on here to sulk
I came on to update!
Yesterday during render time of the various 3rd person perspective clips I decided to work on my Transcriptions project, and reread bits of The Forever War looking for descriptions of places, people, ships etc
So I thought I’d post up my findings so far

Taurans (Alien Enemy):
-2 unmusculed arms
-A Waist you could fit between both hands
-Horse shoe shaped pelvis nearly a metre wide
-2 skinny legs with no knee joints
-Chest as big as the pelvis
-To many fingers
-shoulderless/neckless head nightmarish growth like a goiter from chest
-2 eyes like clusters of fish eggs
-Bundle of tassels instead of a nose
-Rigid open hole where the Adams apple should be
-Clothed in ridged skins

Alien Animals:
-Dark green almost black fur
-3 legs and 1 arm
-Head has just wet hole filled with flat black teeth in it
-No sensory organs (eyes/ears)

Alien Planet:
-Thorned stalk like trees with a mass of tangled vines at the bottom stretching out 10 metres in a flat cone with a large green flower on top the size of a man’s head
-Twisted bramble tall sparse blue/green shrubs
-Loose gravel ground
-Grass with bare earth under trees light green in colour
-Blue/green stubble with clearings between trees where growing to shoulder height

Tauran Base:
-Situated on a flat plane
-51 large featureless huts ringing the base sitting 60metres apart
-Large flower shaped structure with 7 petal like parts in the centre of the base
-Broomstick like transport crafts parked outside all huts but 4, 3 in other places on the base
-Iridescent bubbles belched from the flower like structure (One hit a drone ship and pops which makes the ship explores into a million tiny fragments)
-Seams in buildings appear and open like doorways
-20 major buildings as well as the flower structure.
So from there the enemy sides covered so next sort out human planet and then check for description of ships although I not too sure whether there is off the top of my head.
Then do some design and concept drawing and get with the making!
I’m really excited with this I want to start making the Tauran base already as I’ve got a few ideas blowing round in my head :P

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