Thursday, 26 February 2009

Models & Metaphors: The End Is Nigh

So last time I posted I was wetting myself about getting this all done on time. I’m not so worried anymore as it’s turned into a bit of a waiting game with my renders. I’ve gone through and created the sound now as well as made the beginning of an edit up in premier although I’ve now decided to go back through and beef up the animation by taking more little snip its of the ride from a third person point of view so the ride isn’t just a go on the ride it’s more a general experience of what it would be like.

However I still haven’t rendered my lava scene that is to be going on while the ride journeys through the tunnels beneath the ground. I’ve got it all good to go but I’m waiting to go to work to start rendering it. However this clip will is only 200 frames long and even with just that it’s going to have a really big render time.

Therefore I’ve decided that instead of incorporate the lava flow rolling over the land into the rest of the cg environment like I did with the lava on the inside of the volcano I am going to add it as a separate scene as I feel the quality of it doesn’t stand up to the rest of the piece as well. With regards to this scene it will be a visualisation to voice an idea and the audience will have to use their own imagination to make a realisation of it.

So the big push is going to be tonight when I get back from work :s

Didn’t get a chance to post this as I went to render my last scene n didn’t realise it wasn’t set up for mental ray....

Anyway went to work managed to get away a bit early, got home, and horror!

The render had rendered just the polygon objects in the scene and not the vector trees I was using to be demolished :(

So finished up all the editing and the sound track of which I used the a song as a backing track to give the ride a bit more of an appealing nature as oppose to just listening to the noise of a rollercoaster clattering along. So I used Klute – Problem Reaction as my backing track as I thought this was a nice mellow song with a bit of a beat which would work well with the surreal visuals.

At this point I was considering trying to re-render the last scene however I thought it would be a waste of time and put too much stress on me and bring me closer to the deadline, so I decided against it.

Through the course of the creative process I was undecided about the idea of using smoke within the ride as I felt that the pinnacle moment when you reach the top of a rollercoaster you should be able to see you’re surrounding and give you that feeling that you’re on top of the world. However if I had of done this with the rollercoaster I feel it would have ruined the experience a bit despite me now straying from the volcano layout I had planned.

One other thing I noticed about my work was the ‘fuzz’ on it in some places which I was trying to work out what created it as this is my first attack on mental ray and I’m not quite fluent in what to do with it. So I think it might be being caused by the ‘Motion Blur’ possible or maybe ‘Jitter’ or something?

So if I was to battle it out with this project again I’d defiantly have to sort those little render glitches out as well as get the last scene re done which I’m now rather disappointed about as it was supposed to go in tandem with the lava flow on the inside of the volcano.

I feel like I’ve missed something out but can’t work out what it is so that will have to do :P
To be quite honest I’m not really sure about what I think of the final result as it’s not quite as polished as I had imagined and it’s defiantly lacking the original full context which I had planned for it...

Never mind :P

Anyway here’s the bad boy



And then here’s a few little picies as well









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