Monday, 30 March 2009

Simulated Enviroment - Maximum Frustration

Dear Blog
Sorry I haven’t written on you in the last few days but I’ve had better things on my mind....
Like tearing my hair out sorting out this bastard dogman!
I love him but hate him....
He’s all modelled which was wicked to do and a lot of fun
Then I set out to lay out the UV’s and I nearly cried it was so complicated and confusing, the scenery stuff was quite easy but a character.... Doing it in a class once you’ve just watched someone do it is easy but calling upon what you’ve semi learnt and putting it into context I found so hard it took me ages to sort out. I finally got them laid out then spent a hell of a load more hours going back between maya and photoshop trying to line up the textures as well as paint them all up etc.
Once that torture was over I then went and started rigging which was so stressful as well... lots of the tutorials had little problems in them so I ended up just using basic rigging as I don’t understand rigging enough to enable me to get over that hurdle so went under it as such...
Now he’s all rigged and stuff I’ve been suffering painting weights recently which was a bit trial and error as I didn’t remember how to do it 100% so that’s another horrible experience. But I came away from it to update this as I’m to fed up with it all and my elbow hurts as I’ve got a pressure sore where I’ve been sitting here working for so long so hard :(
What’s more I just noticed more stuff that’s gone wrong. The rig is all good and it’s all working but when I rotate the character his tail goes spazo and I really can’t work out what’s wrong with it so I’ll just have to work around it :(
I wanted to get this all sorted by the end of today and animated so I could start rendering it but I haven’t managed it :(
I’ve also still gotta model the other character yet as well!
Not going to animate it though as it will take too much time and I won’t get it done...

I’m going to paint the weights a bit more then I’ll start to animate it all and hopefully get some of it rendered while I sleep.
That’s the plan.
This is Cerberus.

Just a few little shots I rendered while making him and I’m currently rendering a turn around as well so I’ll throw that up when it’s done.

Despite all this frustration with this project I've definatly got over at least one hurdle in terms of understanding maya and I feel like I've got a lot from this character build. :)

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