Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Simulated Environments - The Grand Scheme

Ok so concept and story wise I don’t think I’ve explained my idea enough so I’m going to go through it now in a bit more depth.

You play Cerberus the Greek guardian of the underworld, Hades the dark lord of the underworlds right hand dogman as such. The world has been ravaged by a plague and the underworld is booming full of the souls wiped out but the plague. However Hades is not content and he rallies the titans and an army of the dead to mount an attack on the gods on mount Olympus in an attempt to gain rule over the entire Earth. Hades leaves you in control of the underworld to rule over in his absence, however upon the gods hearing of his planned attack upon them the launch a counter attack upon the underworld.

This counter attack consists of sending an army of creatures called the Pureicents to the underworld to resurrect the dead, with hearts full of love and compassion the Pureicents are the only creatures the gods can rely on to go down into the underworld in its inhospitable environment and not be tainted by evil so they can give life back to those who have been robbed so mercilessly of it. In doing this the mankind would be brought back from the brink of extinction and Hades claiming the Earth as his own.

The game is a role play game in which you play Cerberus with the goal of journeying through the underworld, give no mercy, take no prisoners and wipe of the race of Pureicents. On this journey through the underworld Cerberus will level up further from level 1 to level 100 becoming stronger in terms of attacking, defence, agility and his weapons will get upgraded through various tasks which can be as attempted throughout the game. With Cerberus becoming stronger throughout the game the Pureicent will do the same. Begging with the Pureicents not putting up a fight to get the player used to the game then after the first boss battle against a giant somewhat different looking Pureicent the rest begin to fight back.

While riding the underworld of Pureicents the player will also be able to fight with other various demons living in the underworld as well as torture the dead which will also increase him in terms of levelling up although ever so slightly less to encourage the player to go after the Pureicents and play out the game.

The game will traverse through the underworld then towards the end of the game Cerberus after wiping out the entire race of Pureicents crosses the river of styx to the land of the living which enables the player gets to enjoy running round a part of ancient Greece slaughtering everything and anything he comes across before encountering Hades.

At this point the titans and Hades army of the dead have been wiped out by the gods of mount Olympus. In his anger Hades begins a battle with Cerberus for leaving the underworld as a way of trying to convince himself he is still all powerful and in control. The ending of the game will see Hades wiped out by Cerberus followed by Zeus appearing before Cerberus offering to him to take his place as Lord of the underworld.

Swivel Bitch

Its almost there finally!


Granted it has a lot of problems the main one in my opinion is the damb skinning or rather that lack of me painting weights properly where I’ve been rushing to get it working and finished on time although I can’t see anything that sticks out to much in the render so far...

Also Pureicent character it really blocky and looks nowhere near as good as Cerberus but again that’s down to me misjudging how much time this project would take...

Also I’ve still got to finish up a little bit at the end by adding some particles where the Pureicent disintegrated into dust but I’m just waiting for more of it to render first so it’s coming together in order :) as that way if I have any major problems I can forgo the particle explosion from Mr Pureicent.

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