Friday, 6 February 2009

Transcription - The Forever War; Private Mandella

Ok so I’m now reading the first of the stories in my book Peace and War.
So I'm going to give you a little overview of the story so far:

The Forever War

The opening 15 chapters tell the story of William Mandella a physicist with a high intellect as well as being physically active and capable of coping with the demands of being in space. He forms part of an elite team of other such scientists and more advance members of the human race in which they are given the mission of advancing out into space at the frontier of human exploration.

The chapters tell of him and his comrades venturing out into space on a carrier ship to the planet ‘Charon’ which is twice the distance of Earth to Pluto. As part of their interstellar training the troop are taught how to manipulate their fighting suits in the harsh environment, and once they've had some training on the light side of the planet they are then transported to the dark side of the planet. In almost complete isolation their mission is to set up a base and defend against training drones. As their graduation ceremony the base was attacked once more but this time by missiles which caused a number of fatalities.

The platoon are then transported to a portal planet ‘Stargate 1’, where they build another wing on another base there before departing through a collapsar which is a worm hole like portal with which ships can cover great distances in seconds. They arrive at their destination planet of ‘Aleph Aurigae’ an uncharted planet with an enemy ‘Tauran’ base on, as part of their mission they are to capture a Tauran as the enemy has never been seen in person and only ships have been engaged. After landing on the planet they set out for the Tauran base and upon seeing a strange pack of creatures and as a precaution killing all of them, they met the local wild life before discovering the Tauran base. When engaging the Taurans the battle turned into more of a slaughter due to the fact that the Taurans didn’t seem to be armed for ground combat and their air defences were somewhat useless against ground troop.

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