Friday, 6 February 2009

Transcription - The Forever War; Sergeant Mandella 2007-2024 AD

The next 11 chapters of the story went through the journey to engage in another battle with the Taurans, however upon new equipment which made jumps in space far faster and the pressure on the body being much more extreme the crew had to were special suits called shells to be able to deal with the extra 20 gravities worth of force exerted on their bodies. In some cases these suits malfunctioned and had minor errors in them which meant death for a number of the crew. After problems in an interstellar jump with a Tauran craft the ship has to return to Stargate and then the crew return to Earth.

However with space travel having an effect on relatively the crew return 20 years later Earth time while they’ve only aged more along the line of a year. Upon return they are treated like hero’s being the first people to return from war with the Taurans. Earth has changed dramatically while they’ve been gone and over population has caused more than half the population to be jobless and the world’s food supply to be rationed, along with corruption, gangs roaming the streets so that body guards are required for protection the earth has changed dramatically. What’s more the soldier once large military salary which would be used for retirement after war is now reduced to a small fortune due to mass inflation and could only be lived off for a couple of years at most.

After spending a short time at home Mandella’s mother passes away leaving him alone and he moved to live with his comrade in arms and lover Marygay Potter and her parents out on a farm which is subsequently raided and both of her parents end up dead. The army had promised all veterans jobs as well as promotions if they rejoined the army, this then lead to Mandella and Marygay both reenlisting and within hours they receiving word they are to be transferred out to Stargate.

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