Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Transcription - Peace and War

After yesterdays massive catastrophe I went in search of a new source of sci-fi literature as I was psyched about doing a bit of deep space action for my project so I decided to stick with that.

Anyway this time I attacked WHSmiths instead of Waterstones as my starting point and sure enough after spending about an hour trawling through all the synopsis in their sci-fi section I came across a book I saw in water stones the day before but paid not attention to so this time I read the synopsis and it sounded like and awesome book so I held onto it and after going through practically all their sci-fi books I decided this one was the best book.

Just to make sure I wouldn’t have a reoccurrence of yesterdays anguish I phoned up my dad and despite not being the most computer literate person I sent him to Google to find out whether it had been turned into a game and after a lengthy phone call and my dad hunting through various websites to try and track down whether my chosen novel was already transcribed I decided to buy it anyway and double check when I got home.

The book I picked up was by an American author by the name of Joe Haldeman; the book itself was called Peace and War the Omnibus Edition and is three stories in one book. The 700 pages of solid reading in this book were three stories combined into one book The Forever War, Forever Free and Forever Peace.

Together in one volume for the first time ever; his classic novel of epic future conflict, THE FOREVER WAR, its sequel FOREVER FREE, and the companion novel FOREVER PEACE.

William Mandella is a reluctant hero, drafted to fight in a distant interstellar war against unknowable and unconquerable aliens. But his greatest test will come when he returns to Earth. Relativity means that every time he returns home after a few months’ tour of duty, centuries have passed on Earth, making him and his fellows even more isolated from the world for whose future they are fighting.

When Mandell returns for the last time he finds humanity has evolved into a group mind called Man. Living a dull life in an autocratic and intrusive society, missing the certainties of combat and feeling increasingly alienated, the veterans plan an escape. But when their ship starts to fail, their journey becomes a search for the unknown.

2043. The Ngumi War rages, fought by ‘soldierboys’, indestructible machines operated remotely by soldiers hundreds of miles away. Julian Class is one of these soldiers, and for him war is truly hell. But he and his companion, Dr Amelia Harding, have discovered something that could literally take the universe back to square one. For Julian, the discovery isn’t so much terrifying as tempting...

‘The Forever war is damn near perfect’ – Peter F. Hamilton

‘If there was a Fort Knox for science fiction writers who really matter, we’d have to lock Haldeman up there’ – Stephan King

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