Friday, 30 January 2009

Transcriptions - Back to square one

After I posed up last time I went away and tried to work out what to do as my ideas were pretty weak so thought about it more and came up with a bit of an idea of hunt down a new mech animation I'd not heard of and base my ideas on that.
So I began sifting through the internet trying to track one down some mech action and after a fair bit of research looking into a range of mech franchises as well as the forerunner mech anime 'Mazinger Z' I found Sunrise studios 'Metal Armour Dragonar'. This was an anime which was made in the year of my birth 1987 to take over from the Gundam franchise. However Gundam surpassed it and it only ran for one series.



I was still trawling through music to find possible songs for a music video I stumbled over DJ Fresh – Submarines (Domestic Cold War Edit) as I was listening to the song I thought it fitted pretty well with a bit of an idea I had floating round in my head of combining this mech idea with a music video and I thought up a short story of what could happen through the song. A mech fighter falls from the sky after a battle just outside Earth’s orbit which severely damaged his mech and it falls from the sky into the ocean then as the song progresses my idea was possible flashback of battles he’s won as well as close ups showing the emotion on his face. Then have him suddenly break out of a stage of sadness and regain control off his damaged mech and launch back up into space to fight another day.

However the songs a bit vague in terms of lyrics and after a talk with my tutor he suggested finding some kind of song or literature with more of a story already in place with some kind of meaning or emotional value to play on.

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