Thursday, 29 January 2009


On Tuesday I was given another briefing after my models and metaphors briefing on a project called transcriptions

Transcription means taking one format to another for instance a film to a game like Resident Evil for example, however transcriptions can apply two formats like music to video in the case of music videos that tell that incorporate lyrics into what is displayed visually

This project immediately triggered set in the idea in my head of taking a part of my life and turning it into a game. I drive a Toyota Starlet and like a lot of young guys I tend to spend an amount of my money modifying my car, Toyota starlets have a bit of a reputation as being Jap pocket rockets as the Jap spec starlets are turbocharged. However I have a UK spec Starlet which is just a standard 1.3 litre, 16 valve car and with this my aim is to eventually by one of these Jap spec starlets. Starlets have a large worldwide fan base and there are many forums on the internet dedicated theme run and used by Starlet enthusiasts. The idea that popped into my head was to make a shot animation like an advert for the game or something in which someone climbs into standard UK spec starlet starts out driving, then as it goes the car lowers wheels change and goes through the spec of a standard UK N/A (Naturally Aspirated) starlet then morphs into a standard Turbocharged Jap spec starlet and then morphs further through various aftermarket versions of itself.



On a similar note I was thinking about the music video Bjork - All is full of love which we were shown this is not only a stunning video in terms of CG but it set me thinking about music and videos. When I used to get the bus a lot before I was driving I used to pay particular attention to the lyrics of songs waiting until I found one that I thought fitted my life at the time. Still to this day I've never found one that fits like a glove but which I was searching and listening I used to imagine each song like a story and try and decipher the meaning of the songs and what was happening in the songs.
So another potential idea I was thinking about would be to take a song and create a video to match it although at the moment I’m still narrowing down potential songs to use for this.

Then as this project is pretty open so if I have a change to make anything one thing I’ve always wanted to attack is Mecha which is a sub genre of Japanese animation about giant humanoid robots, such as transformers which is the most established and well known mecha animation to make it to real time. However as said transformers has already done this and the two other favourites mecha animation series have both already been turned into games, therefore the only way I can see taking them any further on a transcription basis is into real time The two such animations I’m thinking of are ‘Mobile suit Gundam Wing’ and ’Zone of the enders’.

Mobile suit Gundam wing was first aired in Japan in 1995 by Sunrise studios and was one of a number of series created about these mobile suits named gundams; however this was the first to be translated into English in 1999. The series tells the story of 5 pilots of these Gundams as they fight other mobile suits and in a bit to finish a long fought war between earth and space colonies. The course of the series ran through 49 episodes although my main drawback with this is there was also a film released after the series finished, and on top of that a couple of low quality games.

The other Zone of the Enders was released as a game for the Playstation 2 in 2001 and second game Zone of the Enders: 2nd runner was also released in 2003. However upon research into this I’ve found out that the game was then made into a animated series and a film in 2001 also by Sunrise studios which has also maybe brought this idea to a bit of a dead end like the previous idea.

So I’ll keep thinking over these ideas for now...

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