Sunday, 9 May 2010

Another little update

I've gone through altered the camera's on both the time machine scene and the time square scene

Time Machine:

Time square

Also I tore apart Time square deleting all the bits of the models that weren't seen in the clip to save time on texturing as oppose to doing something for nothing so to speak. As well I've filled in the background with bits of buildings as oppose to adding in buildings on an image plane, as well as filling a hole in the top left corner of the first frame with the which towers over the building on the left of the camera instead of remodelling the building which is actually there to save time (moving building is the selected one just to make it obvious in the playblast). I don't think it will notice to much as I'm intending on using depth of field anyway to blur out the buildings in the background anyway so there only going to have rough textures to give a suggestion of their for as oppose to perfect flawless textures again to save wasting time.

Feedback would be kool .
Thanks for looking ;)

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Heather said...

I love the time machine, especially now you have all those particles in there, looks really good! cant wait to see it all finished :)