Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Rendered! Now just pumping out a few screen shots

Everything’s all rendered now but I'm not 100% satisfied with it anymore.

The lighting I set up with the physical sun I set up when my mountains had a nice evil line across the top of the plain and the lighting seemed far more successful than but when I edited up the mountain plain its altered my lighting by blocking out most of it while leaving only a small fraction of my city in light.

So now it's all rendered and I've got a slight bit of down time I decided to just take a few random renders from various angles. However when I started doing this I noticed most of my city was in darkness and the shadows seemed to be very minimal.

So i checked the light links on all my geometry and they were all connected fine, so I thought to myself I'll break the connection with the mountains.

I did and I realised where I had altered the link between the mountains and the sun that it looked a hell of a lot more beautiful.
So as the projects all but over and I've got a set of final renders which are nice but could have done with that extra tweak, I've decided to not stress myself out trying to get everything re-rendered in a couple of days and submit what I've got being happy with it as an experience through the project and more importantly what I feel I've learnt through this project.

My plan is to also go back to this project once the deadline has passed. So if I can manage it deadline day before I leave for home after my submission I'd like to just set up 6 rendered over the weekend and re-render my scenes so I've got it as reference and more important for my portfolio because come time to try and get my career rolling I'd like to have that momentum behind me, despite possibly not having the final piece that may have gained me a few more marks in my final project.

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