Friday, 22 May 2009

Transcription - Nearly there now

OK so this projects gone completely tits up in all honest

I managed to sort all the transparencies and the lighting on my scene then put in a nice camera animation flowing around the scene showing the models etc

However all I can manage to render out is play blasts due to mental ray crashing whenever i try and render it saying that there’s not enough memory where in actual fact my pc got a 500gig hard drive with nothing on it which Mayas installed onto...?

So feeling a bit defeated I’ve rendered out some character turn arounds going from wireframe to mental ray renders as well as one of the ship and if my pc can handle it I’ll do a few character shots in the environment I made up.

Even the simple turn arounds have been screwing up and I’ve had to re-render a dew of them due to rendering some at 24fps and another with Maya’s default light on...

I’m currently waiting for my renders to finish off so I’ll throw that lot up when it’s done.

It sucks that I’ve had so much trouble with this project as well as my life just being torn apart while I struggle to finish it and I’ve felt pretty helpless over the last two weeks but these things happen, so I’ll have to live and learn from these experiences.
It will be nice with fresh start in September :)

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