Sunday, 22 March 2009

Simulated Environments - Background

I’ve gone through and firmed up my idea a bit more as it was to wishy washy and felt like it needed a good background so I’ve gone through and done some developmental backgrounding as such.

-You play as the son of the Greek god of the underworld Hades.
-Tragedy has struck the world and a plague has broken out killing most of the population.
-Hades has taken the Titans and a large part of his undead army to go and wage war on the gods to claim mount Olympus as his own.
-Due to this you are left to govern over the underworld in your father’s absence.
-With the world under populated the gods create creatures to go to the underworld and try to reclaim some of the lost souls.
-These creatures are pure and innocent in complete contrast to the dark corrupt underworld which makes them able to survive the conditions without being turned to the dark side.
-Your role in the game is to fight off these creatures and keep the dead dead.

With that sorted now I was thinking about what to go in the little animation

-Dark underworld scenery is shown then the camera pans along the ground to nice flower like thing growing.
-A foot smashes into the picture and walks straight over the flower then the camera pans from a low angle of the back of Hades son who just crushed the flower up and around his body to a semi close up of his face in a high angle shot.
-We then see a first person view of something running at this dark creature.
-Cut to Hades son’s perspective as he swings a blade at the creature cutting him in 2 with a shower of light bursting out of the creature.
So storyboard n character design time.

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