Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Week 5 - Nypholepsy Character

Right iv taken the mish mash of all of the last ideas and made a bit of a hybrid!
Basically I decided not to tie the bugger down with lusting after nymphs, being a pedo or just the general desire for this unattainable ideal

So therefore i decided it needs teeth big eyes fro hunting whatever its after it also needs to have some kind of a monsterous element to it and a weaker one to, With this i wanted to combine multiple sizes in it which i liked from the half hench man earlier drawings also i wanted to link it into the kind of sexual lustful side by not clothing the character as this puts it back to a primal animal like stage i feel but still retains its humanity.

With this in mind i decided it should be not Nympholepsy as a character per say but Nympholepsy taking over and evolving from that characters desire for that unobtainable.

However in my head i think that this is as far as the nympholepsy would get before the character destroy everything around them including themself.


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