Sunday, 13 December 2009

Modeling for the camera

Ok so so far I’ve not really uploaded what I’ve done so here’s a bit of an update to fill in the hole since I last blogged anything.

About a week and a half ago was the project Interim crit and I’d knocked up some more of the model getting everything roughed out and modelled to the cameras perspective, as well as putting in a small camera move to try and show more of the city like a bit of a reveal etc.

From their I built up the city a bit more and had a tutorial with Phil about who said it would be nice to see the camera a bit more theatrically intergrated into the peice for example with the wide angle of the camera lens have various parts of rubble and building flying past the camera as it goes by them. So with this in mind I went and dramatised the piece a fair bit trying to get into the thick of the city flying by as such.

I then had a talk with Alan about it as well and he said it needed toning down as the flying through buildings and slightly irratic camera movements took away from the model itself and it would be good to see it toned down a bit with more simple camera moves etc.

So I then put that bit of advice into practice all the while slowly building the scene up to fill in the holes in the city as such.
This is a little run through of the camera paths which I went through although its now a little outdated as I’ve filled in nearly all the hole in the scene and am beginning to model more detail into the buildings as well as add more rubble into the scenes.

So my plan of action for the next few weeks is build the model up in terms of detail and then over the christmas period get the UV's laid out and get as much of the texturing done as i can.
Then Jan time light it and render/post production

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