Monday, 16 March 2009

Transcription - Storyboard Numero Uno

This is a little storyboard for the teaser trailer that I drew up


However once I had drawn it up I began thinking it seemed a bit drawn out and if you saw less of the Taurans it would make it more suspense driven a bit like the film Cloverfield. As well as give it more of a punch.

So from there I went looking at a few film trailers which deal with Aliens and the unknown etc:

Alien 3
Alien 4
Alien VS Predator
Silent Hill
Final Fantasy Spirit Within

Next instead of start drawing I decided to plan the storyboard in terms of how it should play out to give the teaser more of a suspence element as oppose to just showing Man VS Tauran

Storyboard Plan
1- Pan across eyes (eyes closed then opening or a blink), breathing noise
2- Static cam, ship coming in to land then hovering over water before cruising off away from cam view
3- First person perspective, putting helmet on
4- Pan along gravel like ground as foot steps into picture
5- Zoom out to see soldiers walking through alien jungle
6- Low angle shot of soldiers walking through jungle towards cam
7- First person perspective, pushing through alien foliage then coming to a clearing
8- Tracking/pan shot, soldiers crawling then cam pans to see Tauran base (deserted)
9- Static shot of base, ship flys over base
10- Flower like building belches then bubble flys out
11- Cam below ship on rear side then rises up; ship flys back toward bubble firing
12- Bubble makes contact with ship
13- Close up of ship and bubble making contact
14- Front side shot, ship disintegrates
15- Low angle front side shot of soldiers firing on the base
16- Dead man falls to the ground with half his head missing
17- First person perspective, grenades being launched at the base
18- Low front angle, building explodes
19- Mid shot with slow zoom, seams in the buildings start to open as they’re being fired upon
20- Tauran rushes came from one of the buildings, cut to black
21- Blood running along the ground

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