Friday, 13 February 2009

Transcription - Forever Free; The Book of Genesis

The next story continues following William Mandella after 22 years of living on the planet Middle finger of MF as its been shortened to. Man the clone civilization watches over the planet and the veterans just encase the plan of the perfect race goes wrong. The planet is not as inhabitable as earth and life is hard with one year on the planet being mainly under cover by snow due to the planets long orbit. Mandella is a fisherman/physics teacher in the new life set up for him by Man and has since had two children a boy Bill and a girl Sara, but he yearns to be back out on the frontier of the unknown.

The veterans hold secret meeting in which they discuss the general running of the world by man and their feelings about how it’s going. At one of these meeting a plan is hatched to take the spaceship which used to run between planets as veterans waited for others lost in space but when other ships stopped returning from war the spaceship was commandeered by man and the veterans who brought it paid off. The plan was to steal the spaceship and fly off into the unknown and come back in a few thousand years to see if life had gotten any better. However Man caught wind of the plan as put but Marygay and William in jail while deciding what to do with them; however man ended up letting them use the ship and allowing 150 people to go on the ship. This is due to the fact that Man would have another back up baseline but they gave the condition a Man and a Tauran must accompany them on the journey. Upon telling their children of the plan both let on that they want to be plugged into the one minded consciousness of Man, however Bill decides he will not go with them but Sara decides it would be better to go along and then come back to be plugged in to the system to see how far evolved if at all Man has become.

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